Google style guide makes two major changes

First off, they removed the silly rule about not having copy constructors and preferring a .Clone() member function. Praise the lawd~

Objects of copyable and movable types can be passed and returned by value, which makes APIs simpler, safer, and more general.

Second, they lifted the ban on rvalue references. One may now use rvalue refs to make movable types. They’re still banning std::forward for the time being though.



rlwrap on solaris

Trying to use sqlplus on solaris was proving to a pain do to the lack of command history. I found an oracle blog that described using rlwrap to work around this. A few other sites supported this, so I grabbed the source for rlwrap-0.41 and gave it a shot, a simple ./configure && make. When running I received an error.

% rlwrap sqlplus
Warning: rlwrap cannot determine terminal mode of sqlplus
(because: Invalid argument).
Readline mode will always be on (as if -a option was set);
passwords etc. *will* be echoed and saved in history list!

rlwrap: error: TIOCSWINSZ failed on no pty: Bad file number

After googling around I found this github issue on a repo which has since fixed the problem. The issue is in pty.c So, I cloned the source, cd’d in and did a ./configure. However this repo didn’t have a configure. Granted it works with autoreconf, I’m working on a limited system where I have very little power. Rather than descend this building-everything-from-source dive any further, I replaced the pty.c in my existing version with the pty.c from the github repo and it seems to work fine.

Hacky? yes, but I’m not planning on spending a ton of time on this system.